Public Broadcasting Gets Its (Our) Money Back!

News from The Open End:
After the House Appropriations Committee decided to cut the public broadcasting budget by 46%, the phone calls began. Soon public broadcasting listeners were calling congressional offices in outrage screaming “I want my, I want my, I want my NPR!”

In the feel good story of the year, it seems Congress is losing its spine once again and caving to the whimsical demands of the potential voters.

Two points of interest in this article:


(Public Broadcasting Service President Pat Mitchell) offered sharp comments about Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, for his efforts to demonstrate that there was a liberal bias in such shows as PBS’ “Now with Bill Moyers.” Mitchell said she found Tomlinson’s actions “very troubling.”

At this point, if you think that it is “very troubling” for someone to point out something as obvious as the horrible balance of views on display on public radio, you are absolutely bonkers. Public radio could make Ralph Nader blush.


“We have a lot of steps to go, but this is very encouraging,” said Ken Stern, executive vice president of National Public Radio.

You’ve got to love the humor in any agency that leeches off the public treasury trying to pass themselves off as a real business. Mr. Ken Stern, who plays an executive vice president in fantasy land makes his living by begging and pillaging. He never had to make sacrifices to get his public entity where it is today. Instead he made each and every taxpayer make sacrifices to keep him afloat. Don’t be fooled. Look at the man’s words: “We have a lot of steps to go…” Oh yeah, Mr. executive vice president Ken Stern sounds like he has a lot of hard work to do. Perhaps we should let him be.

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